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Texts They Type But Are Never Sent

Title: Texts They Type But Are Never Sent
Pairing: INOOBU mai otp get out
Rating: dolphins
Note: another proof why I can't write Inoobu. even if we played Russian roulette.

love letters that stayed as drafts not because they are afraid but because it's bigger than the both of them. And that 'It' mayhap be love. Also in chronological order.

✉ I counted. It wasn't our first date. The kiss is justified.

✉ This morning as we kissed, the pulse on your neck reminded me of a musical note I have played.

✉ My pillow homes the shape of your head. As our shared bed does to our bodies.

✉ Your toothbrush beside mine assures me that we didn't go home to our individual beds. And that we are not a dream.

✉ When you said "I'll see you later.", I pressed my lips together to stop myself from saying "But not a bit of you is gone."

✉ On the news today, they featured the first law of thermodynamics. Neither of us are physicists but it reminded me of you: no energy gets created in the universe, and none is destroyed.

✉ You make me feel like I'm air. Especially when we kiss.

✉ I started keeping small, tangible things to catalogue the days that you made me feel special. Later on, I stopped, knowing that I will overpopulate what space I have.

✉ A set of digits repeated infinitely.

✉ I don't wait for endings. Never, never.
Tags: drabble : inoobu
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